Used cooking oil waste oil is formed in almost every household, when cooking, using food products containing oil (such as tuna, herring, sun-dried tomatoes), and so on. When it accumulates, you have two options: pour it out or sort it.

However, burning oil, pouring it down the sink, communal/ food waste bins, or on the ground (e.g., in compost bins) can have long-term consequences for our environment, nature, and future generations:
Clog pipes and damage water treatment facilities;
Release harmful substances (when burned);
Contaminate communal/food waste bins, soil.

Proper sorting of used cooking oil has the opposite effect: not only will you avoid negative environmental impact, but also will:

  • Pay less for waste management;
  • Save on expenses for pipe and sewage system maintenance;
  • Directly contribute to the use of renewable energy resources.

What should you put in container?

What to put

Used cooking oil
Expired edible oil
Edible oil that has changed flavor
Edible oil with an unusual smell or appearance
Oil from herring, tuna, sprats, etc.
Oil from dried tomatoes, peppers, etc.
Animal fats

What not to put

Cosmetic oil
Petroleum products
Synthetic, mineral and other oils
Oil for technical purposes
Other waste
Other liquids

How to sort properly?

  • After cooking, cool the oil to room temperature to avoid damaging the sorting container;
  • Pour the used cooking oil into a plastic container (e.g., original oil plastic bottle or plastic mayonnaise jar).
  • Dispose of filled container with collected used cooking oil at the nearest collection point.

Valuable raw material for biodiesel production

In Lithuania, every liter of diesel contains at least 7% biodiesel. At the European Union level, this figure is aimed to be increased to 20%. From one kilogram of separately collected used cooking oil, it is possible to produce one kilogram of biodiesel, which saves up to three kilograms of CO2. Separate collection and processing of used cooking oil directly impact the quantity of biodiesel blended into regular diesel.