UAB “Biomotorai”, together with its related companies SIA “Biomotorai Latvia” and Biomotorai Eesti OÜ, is the leader in the collection and processing of used cooking oil in the Baltic countries. Every year more and more suppliers trust us. These are cafes, restaurants, hotels, food production/ trading companies, and similar businesses, which generate used cooking oil waste. We also aim to connect residents to the initiative of separate collection of used cooking oil waste.

Our services:

  • Collection/ purchase of used cooking oil from food producers;
  • Collection of cooking or other edible oil from residents;
  • Purchase of waste from other waste collectors/ traders;
  • Supply of processed raw materials to biodiesel manufacturers.

Our long-term goal is to offer sustainable, time and cost-saving solutions, that simultaneously contribute to creating a cleaner, safer environment. Along this path, we use the most advanced technologies, actively monitor and respond to the needs of suppliers, and improve internal practices and processes to ensure reliable and high-quality service for every client and partner.

The vast majority of our existing client, have been collaborating with us since the very beginning of our operations. Although the forms of activity, names, addresses and people have changed over more than 10 years, trust in us and the services we provide has remained. Based on this experience, we all learn, search, and grow together.

By transferring used cooking oil to us, you contribute to the use of renewable energy resources and the reduction of greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions, as the processed used cooking oil is used in the production of biofuels.